XXA’s buyback program

Ixinium XXA buyback program is in the beta-testing phase. Currently, it’s active from Monday to Friday, while during the weekends we check the data logs and order setting functionality.

Buyback is fully automated, using a market buy order to buy a certain amount of XXA from the lowest market sell order position available. There’s no locked-price for buy order function. Whatever the XXA/XLM current lowest market sell order is, automation uses that XXA/XLM pair price to buyback order.

XXA’s from the buyback program stays in at the account, which is part of Ixinium’s digital portfolio account. Buyback XXA’s won’t return back to the market circulation. This is our way to support the XXA’s market price.

2 thoughts on “XXA’s buyback program”

  1. not sure i understand this. Why would i sell my XXA in a buypack program? Sorry, i am not knowledable on all this, just go by hunch’s and buy various crypto.

  2. Hi Andrea

    You don’t have to sell your XXA’s. The Buyback program purchases XXA’s from the market order of the XXA/XLM pair. Just like you bought your XXA’s.

    Kind regards,
    Ixinium Support

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