Traded, backed, insured

The value of cryptocurrency Ixinium XXA is based on four precious metals. This makes XXA protected, safe and growing.

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A new generation hybrid cryptocurrency

EUIPO Trademark

IXINIUM® brand is trademarked on the European Union to protect the Ixinium business model. Read more

Financial licenced under the EU legislation

Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is an independent goverment agency. Read more

Member of the Crypto Valley Association CVA

CVA is an independent, government-supported association. Read more

Backed by physical precious metals

The only token in the world with force majeure asset protection backup. Read more

Instant cross-border transfers in 2-5 seconds

Stellar Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. As soon as a transaction is recorded, the receiving party has direct access to the payment. Read more

Faster and cheaper than BTC, ETH and Binance networks

In the Stellar network, you can do over 1,500,000 transactions on a cost of one Binance Smart Chain transaction cost. Read more

Worldwide accessibility on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux systems within Stellar decentralized payment network and exchanges.

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Connect your Stellar account (tab in right up corner)

Choose the amount of the XLM what you are swapping to XXA

Or choose the token & amount what you want to swap to XXA

Click SWAP

That's all, it can not be any more easier!

The only token in the world with force majeure asset protection backup.

August 2020, the Ixinium Foundation has launched a program to purchase Ixinium XXA cryptocurrency collateral reserves for precious metals.

100% insured at full value

The precious metals managed by the Ixinium Foundation are 100% insured at full value with no cap at Lloyd’s of London on behalf of the precious metals storage companies Brinks and Prosegur. 

Only physical precious metals

The Ixinium Foundation uses only physical precious metals in its purchases. The Ixinium Foundation does not use or manage futures or ETF-based electronic precious metals trading contracts due to their high risk, as well as inadequate or non-existent insurance coverage.

Precious Metals purchase reports

The Ixinium Foundation has a precious metal reserve accumulated as a guarantee of cryptocurrency, which is sold in the event of force majeure and the amount of USD generated by the sale will be distributed among all Stellar XXA owners.

Precious Metals purchase report 07.09.2021


Precious Metals purchase report 06.09.2021


Precious Metals purchase report 27.08.2021


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Precious Metals purchase report 07.09.2021