A letter from the Management of Ixinium

We get a lot of the same questions from investors and asset holders about the current situation, therefore we decided to answer those collectively.

Only a few years ago, the crypto market was going it’s own way, not correlating with the stock market. The crypto market was considered even a safe haven, when other assets such as traditional stocks were facing bearish times. Now, on the other hand, there seems to be a strong correlation between the crypto and stock markets.

The year 2022 so far has been a slow downhill, with a few exceptions of course. The Dow Jones index, for example, opened this year at 36,300 and is currently at around 31,300. Stellar Lumens was at the beginning of January 2022 at $0,30 and now it is trying to stay above $0,10. The market situation accompanied with the worlds geopolitical challenges that create a tsunami of uncertainty, have put many investors into a situation, where everybody is just waiting for somebody to do something.

Ixinium XXA’s year 2022 has been a bumpy ride. XXA was at $0,18 in the begining of January, but it fell below $0,06 in March. But then, in mid April our token was at $0,33 at its peak this year. What was the reason behind that bullride?

The price of our token is decided by the market – that is the buyers and the sellers of XXA. Like any other asset out there, a few key principles apply to XXA also. Supply and demand, the liquidity behind the asset and holding versus trading the token.

Whenever there are more buyers than sellers, the value of the token tends to go up and vice versa. When the demand exceeds the supply of the circulating tokens, the issuer can release more tokens into circulation. That creates revenue to the company, which is allocated as stated in our whitepaper:

35% goes to support the liquidity of XXA into the liquidity pool, 35% to physical precious metal purchases, max. 15% goes to marketing and the remaining to administrative expenses and salaries.

Ixinium XXA was created to be a unique digital asset, backed by physical precious metals, which is a safe haven for investors. But why aren’t there more people investing their wealth in it? We get two questions quite often that may provide an answer for the hesitance. Why is there not more physical precious metals backing the token, being the first question, and why is the value of the token not rising steadily, being the second one?

In order for the company to buy more precious metals, there needs to be revenue coming into the company. Like stated above, there needs to be more buyers than sellers, more demand than the current supply in the market to create that enviroment. The more people invest into our token, the more liquidity goes behind the token. That creates enventually a more stable situation, resulting in smaller price swings.

The traders don’t care if the value goes up or down. They take profit from price swings. The holders, ie. regular investors, seek long term profits.

Ixinium XXA has a bright future ahead. Now is the time for action. One good way to support the stability of the token, is to take part in the liquidity pool. When the liquidity behind the token is sufficient, Ixinium can allocate more incoming revenue towards physical precious metal purchases.

As conclusion, Ixinium XXA is a truly transparent business, that goes where the market drives it to. Which direction will you steer this ship?

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