About us

It all started with a goal

to offer low-cost and instantaneous mobile payment transfers across the world in a decentralized global marketplace. We saw how standard bank transfers could take several days at expensive transaction costs, causing large inconvenience for customers. We saw these deficiencies, so set out on a mission perform transactions in just a few seconds – at only a fraction of a percent. 

IXINIUM® XXA is powered by Stellar network, one of the fastest and inexpensive crypto payment networks that exist today. In the current digital currency landscape where countries local currencies are highly uncertain, the use of XXA provides a substantial advantage. 

As well, using XXA is not limited only to mobile transfers platforms. Physical asset holding backed by XXA’s is owned by the Ixinium Foundation where precious metals which are 100% insured for replacement value with no limits via the foundation’s vault account partner.

XXA cryptocurrency is a better value for your money than traditional spot gold or other electronic safe haven assets. That’s because the convergence between traditional asset management and the digital asset class drastically different, for example, where traditional currencies are secured by cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrencies are also traded around 24/7 in everyday exchanges around the world.

How to buy and swap to Ixinium®XXA

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