August 2020, the Ixinium Foundation has launched a program to purchase Ixinium XXA cryptocurrency collateral reserves for precious metals., Precious-Metal-Trading_image_w600_h300

The Ixinium XXA cryptocurrency will henceforth have a physical precious-metal-based collateral value base. The Ixinium Foundation’s precious metals purchase program is ongoing and will increase the collateral base of the Ixinium XXA cryptocurrency regularly through additional purchases. We publish a purchase report for each precious metal purchase on the Ixinium website. The funds used by the Ixinium Foundation for the purchase of precious metals come from the issuance (sale) of the Ixinium XXA cryptocurrency and the volume-based commission structure income of cryptocurrency exchange services.

For the purchase of physical precious metals and their storage service, the Ixinium Foundation uses a German, very well-known and award-winning family business that has been operating in the industry for a long time. Purchased precious metals are stored by the international Brinks and Prosegur, some of the world’s largest precious metals storage companies. The Ixinium Foundation’s precious metal purchases focus on four different physical precious metals; gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The precious metals purchased by the Ixinium Foundation are manufactured by the internationally acclaimed Heraeus Group, which is more than 160 years old.

The precious metals managed by the Ixinium Foundation are 100% insured at full value with no cap at Lloyds of London on behalf of the precious metals storage companies Brinks and Prosegur.

The Ixinium Foundation uses only physical precious metals in its purchases. The Ixinium Foundation does not use or manage futures or ETF-based electronic precious metals trading contracts due to their high risk, as well as inadequate or non-existent insurance coverage.

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