Ixinium XXA burning schedule

The company has decided to make a massive Ixinium XXA burning. The purpose of the XXA burning is to lower down the maximum Ixinium XXA token supply and increase the physical precious metals packing per one Stellar network Ixinium XXA.

The total amount of the Ixinium XXA what the company will burn is 270,000,000 XXA. The total USD value of the burning process will be +$60,000,000 at the current Ixinium XXA USD rate 1 XXA = $0.2233. This burning process starts in Q4/2021 and lasts until the end of 2022. Ixinium XXA burning includes several transactions, where XXA’s will be transferred to the issuer account, Stellar address: GC4HS4CQCZULIOTGLLPGRAAMSBDLFRR6Y7HCUQG66LNQDISXKIXXADIM.

The current Ixinium XXA supply is 539,857,392 XXA. As the issuer account is locked, any more XXA can not be mint. The total supply after the Ixinium XXA burning process will be less than 270,000,000 XXA.

All the Ixinium XXA burns will have a public report with the blockchain transaction verification.

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