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Shopify – Canadian e-commerce giant, which offer to easy create own online shop will accept crypto payments because it has signed a contract with the company that offers crypto payment processor – CoinPayments

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Shopify is entering more and more into the world of crypto and blockchain. In February, the company joined the long-awaited association, created by Facebook founder Marek Zuckenberg – Libra. Earlier, Shopify also used Blockchain’s potency to get rid of illegal and counterfeit products from its supply chain.

Shopify-CoinPayments alliance will increase cryptocurrencies adoption
The Shopiy-ConPayments partnership was finally announced after a beta trial launched last year and which was a success. The alliance aims at a wider adoption of cryptographic payments.

Customers who want to pay by crypto will be able to do so at all merchants who will use the Shopify platform. Buyers will be able to use more than 1800 cryptocurrencies integrated with CoinPayments.

Merchants will receive payments faster and will also be able to accept foreign payments without banks ingeration.

Will cryptocurrencies payments become the new standard?
The CoinPayments platform is easy to integrate and use. Thanks to cooperation with Shopify, the company hopes to expand its presence on the global market. According to the project’s CEO, Jason Butcher, the company hopes to speed up cryptocurrencies adoption in the normal world.

Butcher said the beta tests, which began in 2019, included a thorough check of performance, interoperability and compatibility was checked with all Shopify customers. All security features have also been checked to ensure there will be no dangerous leaks.

Butcher claims that this alliance will be groundbreaking and unrivalled in the payments world.

Several other e-commerce companies and payment giants have also entered the global cryptographic world. Companies have already been set up to offer innovative crypto credit cards and crypto invoicing. The industry is currently undergoing revolutions, and the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is becoming increasingly common.

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