Ixinium XXA 3-year anniversary

On June the 16th 2022, three years have passed since the listing of Ixinium.io (XXA). In three years, Ixinium has achieved a stable position in the market and has become one of the most traded crypto assets in the Stellar blockchain.

The wave of uncertainty that has shaken the world has also stirred the cryptocurrency market and people are looking for safer places to investment their wealth in. However, investing solely in security doesn’t attract many, but naturally a return is also sought for the investment. Ixinium’s precious metal base with force majeure protection creates a basis for security, and with the precious metals purchase program, the value of our currency will increase even more. When we add a growing exchange rate according to supply and demand, we can talk about Ixinium being a safe haven currency!

We now want to offer something in return in honor of our birthday!

When you buy at least 300 XXA’s from the market, we will send you a bonus of 30 XXA’s on top of the trade. After purchasing, email us your Stellar address so we can confirm your purchase from the blockchain. Once we have verified the amount of your purchase, we will send the bonus XXA’s to the Stellar address you provided.

The campaign is valid from the 26th of May to the 30th of June 2022.

The official email address for Ixinium is office@ixinium.io. Please type ‘Bonus XXA’ as subject to the email. You can also add the link to the transaction from stellar.expert, if you want to speed up our processing time of the bonus payment.

How to buy and swap to Ixinium®XXA

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